Gumel Pumpe d.o.o - about us


Company Gumel-pumpe DOO (Gumel pumps ) with residence in Jagodina, started to work in 1988 as a craft shop for the production of engineered rubber goods. It has had its present name since 2005 and basically it is a family company. During the first few years of its existence, the craft shop dealt with the production of rubber and plastic. It had its first contact with the production of helical pumps for the sake of making the stators which were in demand in the Serbia market at that time.

 We produced the first helical pump in April 1994 and  since then we have produced over a thousand pumps of different characteristics. We have been shipping  the helical pumps to various industries since then but what is common to all of them is the need for the transport of viscous fluid and that is why we use the helical pumps. We manufacture the pumps at the buyer's  request. We also solve the problem of fluid transport in the dairies, food and chemical industry, industry for cleaning waste water, etc..

Our company is equipped with all necessary facilities for complete mechanical processing of products, from raw materials to finished products, testing equipment for quality control with highly educated people.

With constant proving of high quality and with increased assortment of making helical pumps in the wider application, we have reached the key position as a safe supplier and servicer in the Balkan region. Over the past twenty years we have improved the method of preparation and the quality of helical pumps, which is proved by our stability in the market. Our goal is to spread to the surrounding EU market and also to the markets of Russia and the Middle East, which we have already done.


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